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Paul Morley conducts arguably the worst ever Brian Eno interview sometime in 1992. "A boring question is when you already know the answer" and other throwaways. posted by philip-random (16 comments total) 11 users marked this as a favorite
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Mr Eno does eventually show up a little before the three minute point.
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Ah, I love that programme. I'm sure it was posted here before...
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A missive from a Channel 4 that has long since ceased to exist. Post The Word and Minipops, but Pre Big Brother, Embarrassing Bodies and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Christmas Message.
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Brian Eno
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I have such a love-hate thing going on with Morley. He's such a pompous ass. I've never found his music journalism really that compelling, although it's obvious he knows his shit. (I'd welcome links to anything that is really quality that he has written.) He was also a key player in Art Of Noise [likely entirely full of link rot by now], and so I have to be eternally grateful for him for that.
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"Imagine a word in which Michael Bolton is some sort of fringe, avant-garde artist. What would the values of that world be?"

Eno, once again eerily prophetic.
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I remember when this was on TV, my friend (a great fan of Eno) opined, it was Mr Pretentious meets Mr Pretentious.
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Morley has been writing some interesting pieces in recent years about his newfound, latecomer’s appreciation for classical music. He’s still prone to pompous pronouncements (‘Pop belongs to the last century. Classical music is more relevant to the future.’) but seems full of genuine enthusiasm too.
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He was also a key player in Art Of Noise

and the whole ZTT label which ended up making the 1980s a way cooler pop decade than they had a right to be. In fact, that's how I know Morley. In particular, the over the top verbiage that sprawls across the various ZTT album and single covers, and sometimes the music itself. Which would have been criminal if some of the product hadn't been just so damned good.
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oh MAN, I thought this said Paul Mooney. That would have been way cooler.
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Channel 4 motto: "We're different from those other guys, but not in a good way."
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