On biological ensembles
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Biologists E. O. Wilson and Sean Carroll in conversation @ Mosaic Science.

This kind of articles are never long enough for what people like these have to offer, but there are some interesting pointers to the success of Gorongosa, in Mozambique, and Carroll's path as lord of the flies.
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I am not always E.O. Wilson's biggest fan. But I heard him talk about ants once, and it was a revelation, and I always love what he has to say about biodiversity. And Sean Carroll's popular science writing is a national treasure. Putting them together is lovely. Thanks for this. And also for introducing me to Mosaic Science. As an urban stream bugs and biogeochemistry and restoration and environmental justice person, it seems right up my alley.
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It is a shame that these brilliant minds are ignored by the money mad "job creators" who have national ecological goals tailored to fit their "invisible hands.".
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Oh Sean B. Carroll, not Sean M. Carroll.
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You're welcome, hydropsyche.

I once had a fight with my brother because I immediately thought of Bert Hölldobler when myrmecology came up, while for him Wilson was the man. From where I'm sitting I can see their The Superorganism, although I confess I haven't yet savoured it properly.
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