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ICHI's song GO GAGAMBO opens with a universally recognisable mosquito hum, then proceeds with a catchy, familiar-sounding bass line, strummed out on a long, thin insect-like home-made instrument, while the vocals are punk-like, small and high-pitched, in the language of the insect itself. It’s a song about mistaken identity - (gagambo is an insect unfortunate enough to be mistaken as a big mosquito, resulting in probable death by angry clapping hands), and it is a clever blend of the familiar and the bizarre.

Videos of live performances are available from Le Cargo and Bandstand Busking.
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Oh, this is charming. Based in Bristol as well. Thanks smcg - off to share the link and see if anyone around knows this chap.
posted by glasseyes at 3:52 AM on May 6, 2015

His home made instruments remind me of Thomas Truax, who is also an immigrant.
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Excellent work. I'm looking forward to his inevitable collaboration with Mulligan and o'Hare.
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Ichi is brilliant. The sheer attention to detail in his custom-made instruments/props and the routines he builds around them, and the way he makes it seem effortless, mean that his shows never fail to delight.
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Well, there goes the neighborhood.

(So unique, and compelling.)
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