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User Sparx recently mentioned checking sites of Japanese escape game makers for games of sufficient quality. But what if there were a single, constantly-updated website with links to an obscene number of those frustrating Japanese escape-the-room adventure games? Welcome to hell No1Game. I figured out the site on my own but if you need help, a guide to navigating the site follows.

Overall tip: this site's URLs are in English and are your friend. Mouseover links and check the URL if your browser shows it.

The main middle section of the front page lists new Japanese games across all categories. At the top of the left column at links to the front page and a version with English-language games. Note that you don't need to know Japanese to play the vast majority of Japanese escape-the-room games. The left and right columns are everywhere on the site.

The left-hand column is dedicated to an unfathomable number of links to games. Under the first red heading there are eight categories (escape, explore, hidden objects, solve-a-mystery, riddles, clear-the-way-for-the-hero, brain teaser puzzles, other), sorted into pages of twenty games each, and Japanese and non-Japanese games in each category have their own sets of pages. Higher-numbered pages are newer. Second red heading: games listed by author (No1Game, Japanese, non-Japanese).

The right-hand column is dedicated to games hosted on the site. Under the first red heading: user-submitted games (second link) and how to submit them (first link). Second red heading: hosted game series. English text is available in these games. Notable are the Escape-Men - the ongoing series starring the little green men from exit signs - and the story- (and history-)based Reisen and SPQR. Warning: Reisen will mercilessly play your heartstrings like a ukulele.
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no no what are you doing I haven't figured out Elements yet
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Like many other flash gaming posts, this will likely as not result in me just playing GemCraft Chapter 0 for 87 hours straight. Again.
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(Thank you!)
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There's a new Neutral and I have deadlines. CONFOUND THAT BIGGERJ!

This is wonderful.
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There's a good subreddit for point and click/escape games - here it is sorted by top vote, there's a lot of oldie but goodies (Tesshi-E, Robamimi, etc.)

Two really nice ones are:
The Trader of Stories: Bell Heart and A Grain of Truth
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