Teddy Bears to watch you
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Teddy Bears to watch you While other countries are banning teddy bears from Children's hospital rooms, Japan is putting digital high tech teddy bears that will watch you and inform doctors when you need help.
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Wow, I wanna get sick so I can have one! No... wait... can I just get one for my apartment? Maybe it can monitor my work habits, and let me know when I'm spending too much time on mefi instead of working.
posted by malphigian at 9:11 PM on February 21, 2002

malphigian, if you have to ask, you're already spending too much time here.

Step One is admitting you have a problem.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 9:27 PM on February 21, 2002

I don't have a problem until teddy tells me I have a problem!
posted by malphigian at 9:43 PM on February 21, 2002

Study: [American] Nursing Homes Understaffed: "You just don't have enough time to give patients the proper care that you are required to -- to bathe them and dress them," said Jeannie Holly, a nurse at Mariner Healthcare in Huntington, W.Va. "You try to do your best, but you can spend about seven minutes on each patient before you have to move on."
posted by Carol Anne at 7:35 AM on February 22, 2002

So Teddy Bears in US nursing homes would verify that yes, granny is still dirty, in her pajamas, hungry and in need of a changing of her adult diaper. Just like she was an hour ago.
posted by Dreama at 7:59 AM on February 22, 2002

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