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Duke Nukem Forever. Earthbound and Donkey Kong 64 on Virtual Console. DnD RPGs and LucasArts adventure games on What an age we live in, in which vidya games we were once denied are suddenly no longer denied. And now, Chip's Challenge and its fabled sequel, classic puzzle games long thought permanently unrereleasable and unreleasable respectively due to copyright issues, have finally been released on Steam (and let's not forget its spiritual successor from during the drought, Chuck's Challenge 3D). But why stop there? Fans have created a bunch of free extra levels for the original game, including three epic collaborative level packs, and a free program (first version, newer version) capable of running them. The latter version also has a convenient bundle including all three level packs and an intro pack that serves as a tutorial.


Tile World (both versions) supports both CC1 rulesets: the one used in the Microsoft Entertainment Pack version and the one used in the original Atari Lynx version. The most obvious difference is the fact that the Lynx version has tile-to-tile movement animations for everything while the Microsoft version does not.

Level Pack 1 was made after Packs 2 and 3, as a replacement for the then-given-up-on Chip's Challenge 1, and should be played first. Packs 1 and 3 include versions playable in the Microsoft and Lynx rulesets; Pack 2 is Microsoft-only (three Lynx-friendly versions have been made - one in 2008, one in 2013 and this official 2014 beta). A fourth level pack is currently being worked on.

Both versions of Tile World also contain built-in copies of the Microsoft and Lynx versions of the original game but require the original Microsoft version's level data file to access them (the Steam version uses a different format).
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Reboot 'Blood'. Then we'll talk.
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Oh my God, I loved this game growing up. My body is ready.
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GOG also has the old Star Trek point-and-click adventures (25th Anniversary, Judgment Rites, etc) which, as far as complex copyright issues go, is pretty damn amazing.
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I've been bragging to my friends about the sweet game I got on Steam before its release.

Then I reveal that I got a beta key for the new release of Chip's Challenge because I backed Chuck's Challenge 3D and we have a chuckle.
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Does it seriously just play robotic piano renditions of ragtime for the entire game. For all umpty-thousand levels of block pushing action. Oh god no.

That might sound more appealing if this game was my nostalgia. But it is not. (Not that my block-pushing nostalgia sounds much better.)
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If only we had been denied Duke Nukem Forever.
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Halloween Jack: DNF, and especially Gearbox's PR company's response to the reviewers, are what inspired me to give my Steam review of CC2 all the level-headedness the next DNF is likely to get. After all, not only did it have horrible content released at exactly the wrong time, its legendary status combined that with disappointment to create a perfect storm of PR-company-crying-causing.
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