Le cinéma est une invention sans avenir
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Lumière and Company was a project realised in 1995 to mark the centenary of the Lumière brothers’ first movies. Forty directors were given the use of a restored Lumière Cinematograph and asked to make a film under 1895-style constraints: (1) the films could be no longer than 52 seconds; (2) no synchronized sound was permitted; (3) no more than three takes were allowed. Any editing had to be done in-camera. Nearly all of the completed shorts have been compiled into a YouTube playlist. Please note that some of the clips contain nudity: treat this post as NSFW. Les Frères Lumière previously: 1, 2. posted by misteraitch (8 comments total) 26 users marked this as a favorite

The Merchant/Ivory piece is fascinating. The medium makes it seem long ago, but the subjects are clearly modern. The effect is that of taking these people and putting them back in time. Or perhaps showing that we are not so far removed from long ago people. For some reason, the phrase "We are the dead" floated into my mind.
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The skill and imagination in this is incredible. Thank you so much for sharing!
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I would have loved to see Michael Bay, Martin Scorsese, and George Lucas's efforts.
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I'm surprised that I feel affection for many of these. Thank you.
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Two women in the whole bunch. Impressive.
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Two women in the whole bunch.

Yes, that’s a shame. A third (Nadine Trintignant) is the only one among the directors whose film seems not to be on YouTube. The Lumière and Company DVD embeds the shorts within a framing movie containing footage of the directors making their films, and being interviewed: this was also directed by a woman: Sarah Moon.
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It would be to have interspersed the films with commercials shots under the same constraints (52 seconds is quite a long commercial - but "no more than 3 takes/edits in camera" would be tricky).
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Boorman's is particularly fun and Wender's made me so happy to see those angels again.
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