he can’t see me
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“One night we were eating spaghetti and meatballs and it fell out and rolled across the kitchen table. You said, ‘Dad, your eye popped out’ and kept on eating. I’ll never forget it. You must have been seven or eight. He felt so bad about that—for your sake.”
“I don’t think it bothered me,” I say.
“He worried it bothered you.”
The Glass Eye, by Jeannie Vanasco
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Third dad-related post in a row? Does that summon Beetlejuice or Candyman?
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Candyman, but wearing a golf shirt tucked into jorts.
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I'm not a fan of the layout - I kept feeling like I'd lost my place - but that's good writing and I enjoyed it. I stopped breathing a bit too long when I got to this part:

"After that, I lost any confidence I might have had in my intelligence. If I could be tricked by my own mind, then what good was it?

That’s the most frightening part: my thoughts thinking without me."

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A friend not long ago sent me this story [YT link, 14 minutes] from The Moth in 2006, about a) the Kennedy family compound in Massachusetts and b) a glass eye getting kicked out of somebody’s head.
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Glass eyes previously
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Her essay about necronyms is forthcoming in the next print issue of the Believer.

What? Yes please. that might make me subscribe to the Believer again.
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On top of spaghetti,
all covered in cheese,
I lost my poor eyeball,
when somebody sneezed.
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