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"Compared to this, Sex In The City 2 is a call to arms for the dispossessed masses of the world to rise up..."

Being negatively compared to SITC2 is about as scathing as reviews get.
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This is a documentary, no?
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We're thinking of going to the flicks tonight but not decided on a film, I think i might have this link queued up in case my SO is tempted.
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I think i might have this link queued up in case my SO is tempted.

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"in terms of gender politics, Human Centipede is more... sensitive."
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Nice to see a decent Kermodian rant again... there's not been one for some time.
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This definitely needs an epic rants tag.
I totally agree with him (not having seen the film, though), but I still had to chuckle midway in about him getting so worked up...
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I haven't seen the movie (nor will I) but I watched the first two or three episodes and had exactly the same reaction. I had it in my mind that Entourage was a satire of Hollywood, but it's a completely irony-free, straightforward ode to the shrine of fame and popularity and money money money. Jeremy Piven is great, of course, but while his Ari Gold character could've been a great way to poke fun, he doesn't have a thing to say other than be Sleazy Hollywood Producer Guy. All the characters are completely and totally unlikeable.

Anyway, once again Mark Kermode hits the nail on the head.
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Ob "Hello to Jason Isaacs"
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Oh, for those that don't already know, back in the day Kermode was a proper old-skool Marxist and occasionally it properly comes to the fore.

Not that Entourage doesn't look utterly reprehensible and awful.
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Vicious and amazing.
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I've seen most of the first season, and while an attempt is made to satire the setting, and to address the lopsided relationship of the man children in the entourage, his review could just as easily apply.

Sounds like the film lost even that.

I can depend on this guy to steer me away from the real dogs, though to be honest I can't see myself ever queuing this particular shit hole up in Netflix.
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I was in the lunch room the other day and a group of the young "gun" programmers were sitting at a table. An old wizened project manager walked by and announced, "Ahh, it's Entourage, but ugly"
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Even a stopped clock like Kermode is right twice a day.
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I suppose I should be embarrassed to admit I enjoyed the first couple of seasons of the TV series; the balance between vicious satire of horrible Hollywood (like Ari Gold and Maury Chaykin's sleazy stand-in for Harvey Weinstein) and wish fulfillment story (childhood pals get obscenely rich) was new and worked for me. I've always been a bad Marxist like that. But yeah, it quickly became exactly what Kermode describes, with very few moments of sharp satire, an arc which just seemed to get worse as I occasionally checked in with later seasons. Not surprising they apparently went full glamorization in the film.
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I felt like mediareport when this was new: it was glitzy and had a tease of real critique of the Hollywood it was portraying. But as time went on, it got more and more just indulgent in the awfulness of the bros at its center. I have negative interest in the film, in that I hope it bombs as a sign that faith in humanity is not ill considered.
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Satisfyingly, it bombed. Hollywood accounting and all that, but it's probably going to just break even on its production budget. To quote Titus, "There [will be] no Entourage 2!"
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It's fun just clicking through the video randomly for a minute to get the gist.

"Totally reject--I hate this film--don't find them charming--these guys treat all the women around them as property, hooray--TORPOR--there are no jokes--the movie is like some awful hanger-on that has found its way into some hideous celebrity party--"

I may take up yelling TORPOR in the theater.
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I've gotta say I am morbidly curious to see the footage of the film within a film 'Hyde'... obvious not that curious to go to a cinema or anything but I'm sure it'll get to the internets in some point in the near future
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Even a stopped clock like Kermode is right twice a day.
Kudos! I'd never be able to limit myself to just two Kermode reviews a day.
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cendawanita : That's brilliant.
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His father wrote my favorite Shakespeare book.
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@pracowity: you tease. You made me look that up.
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I have to say, I've been feeling a bit of existential angst in the past few weeks and seeing another human being get worked up into this level of disgust and outrage was for some reason really cathartic.
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Never heard of Kermode until now, but yes please, and thank you.
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Bent: Kermode and Mayo do a weekly podcast of their radio show (which this rant is from), 90-120 minutes, that you might enjoy. The reviews are of new releases in the UK market and might be a little out of sync with your local release schedule if you aren't in the UK.
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