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Breathe in strength. Breathe out bullshit. A guided meditation for these exhausting, infuriating times. [SLYT, nsfw audio]
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I stumbled upon this last night when looking for a short guided meditation. It's intended as a joke, I think? But I found it actually kind of effective. Because it made me smile slightly, like the Buddha's half smile. I think it would be great for an at work meditation break (particularly because it's so short).
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Trolling metafilter is my meditation.
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I lost it at this line...

...if your thoughts drift to the three-ring shitshow of your life, bring your attention back to your breathing, and with each breath feel your body saying fuck that...

Simply magical.
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They can't even.
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Outstanding. This is presently circulating through my team at work.
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This is the only guided meditation I've ever tried that actually resonated for me. It's comedy, sure, but then again - perhaps the lack of self-seriousness is what I needed?

Thanks for posting this - truly, seriously, thanks.
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I posted that last week on Facebook for a friend who was getting married over the weekend. Given that she's gotten a lot from meditation, it seemed like the right answer.
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I just sent this to my dad who last week told me that he got through his 30s anxiety buildup thing with meditation. (Gee Dad, woulda been nice to know before my birthday...)
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please -- please -- stop breathing out bullshit.
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Well, no one wants the bullshit going the other way, right?
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I have trouble getting through the typical guided meditation scripts without reaching the "fuck that" point after a few minutes so this is perfect. I wish it lasted longer.
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me too, but for now, this will have to do
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go ahead and breath out bullshit, just let it all go, all our collective bullshit will be absorbed by solar winds and recycled into holy craps that we take in.
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This is not how everyone meditates?

I've used "Fuck/This" to focus my breathing on certain stressful sits.
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As a practicing meditator, I can affirm that this is, in its (very amusing) way, spot on. Only proviso would be that it's not just the soul-eating cocksuckers who fade into nothing. So does your pretty little dream of getting over on them through meditation.
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Well, my pretty little dream, anyway. I miss it sometimes. They really did seem like unbelievable cocksuckers.
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Instead of forming a circle with your thumb and index finger, you extend your middle finger.
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This is like Al Swearengen was forced into a new line of work, and is trying his damndest to make a go of it...
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