"We underestimated their power"
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We went to a war thinking we had the same weapons as them. We have underestimated their power […] It's a power that enters the very fabric of society, the way people think. It controls and blackmails. We have very few levers. The European edifice is already Kafkaesque.
A Greek government insider lifts the lid on five months of 'humiliation' and 'blackmail'.
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> We went to a war thinking we had the same weapons as them.

That seems a very odd thing for a Greek to think. It was Thucydides who said "the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must" some 2,400 years ago.
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This looks like a great link, thanks. But should it go in the Oxi post comments? People are still there continuing to post links to interesting articles.
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