Coleman Confidential.
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Coleman Confidential. No joke. Gary Coleman was just in my office a little bit ago and while he was here, he talked about this section of a site he promotes where he answers email. But some of the answers (let alone the questions) are ridiculous! I don't know what's funnier, him in person or the answers to these questions. Good reading when you've got little to do.
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I was going to make a snide "name-dropper" remark, but then I remembered it's Gary Coleman we're talking about here, so who would you be trying to impress?

So, since I have little to do, I read the page. It is somewhat amusing, especially "that damn dreaded dead, fishy/rotting garbage smell". That's too, too funny, when you couple it with his "personal quote" on this page.
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Is he still a security guard? I wish someone'd just give the guy a talk show. I happen to think he's funny. If Rikki Lake can get a talk show, Gary Coleman should be able to get a talk show.
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Hey, that guy gives pretty good advice... like to the 17 year old who wonders if his daughter should attend his wedding...
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Oh yeah, remember to read his responses in HIS voice.
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hows he getting on with hasselhoff lately?
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"Who the hell wants to learn German, anyway?"

This is an advice guru for the ages.
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Wow! Awesome link! My fave -- to the guy wondering if he should carry on a long distance relationship with the girl he hooked up with in Las Vegas, even though he can't remember her name: "You pretty much blew it when you forgot her name. I'm sure there's a slut a lot closer to you so you can get some tail." Yes!
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remember to read his responses in HIS voice.

that DOES make it better, hehe. Good reading.
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Usually the Onion's advice columns are on their website. Isn't this Ask a Former Child Star and Minuscule 32-Year-Old Virgin?
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my girlfriend's boss namedrops bob saget and chris hartwick (he's a regular at the same cheesy restaurant/bar where they both hang out, apparently). one of the boss's favorite anecdotes is about the time that he and 'chris' and 'bob' were very drunk and were singing along with queen and billy joel songs on the jukebox.

so namedropping can get much much lamer than 'gary coleman was in my office the other day'.
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