"I just want to hide my weeping. My blinking. Uh, my black eye."
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Blair Bogin is a Chicago based performance and visual artist who creates videos/performances about things like living in your apartment, playing Rock Paper Scissors, and monologues on putting things in your mouth. posted by solarion (3 comments total) 4 users marked this as a favorite
I so love finding cool things based in my town on metafilter. Totally going to seek out her next performance. Awesome!
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This post was prompted by seeing her perform, incidentally, and I heartily recommend it if you get the chance - none of the videos are as long-form.
posted by solarion at 4:44 PM on July 21, 2015

was enthralled by Rock Paper Scissors Thanks.

For anyone else who watched it: what did you make of the times when there was no action taken? Usually it was she on the paper and he on the rock.
posted by So You're Saying These Are Pants? at 12:40 AM on July 22, 2015

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