February 27, 2002
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First Chuck, now Spike. Spike Jones of The Goons has died at the age of 83. You may be vaguely aware that the Goons were damn funny and damn influential, but you may have never heard any of their comedy. Start digging here.
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This post was deleted for the following reason:

Argh! Sorry Matt, eyes slid right over the earlier post. Delete at will, I'll add any useful links to the exisiting thread.
posted by maudlin at 7:04 PM on February 27, 2002

And it's not Spike *Jones* even. Geez!
posted by Qubit at 7:10 PM on February 27, 2002

Hey, it could have been worse: I just had to throw in a typo to start the rumour that Mr. Sofia Coppola was dead. Anyway, I've added the link to the existing thread.
posted by maudlin at 7:14 PM on February 27, 2002

The man Mr Sofia Coppola named himself after has unfortunately been in his grave 37 years.
posted by liam at 7:34 PM on February 27, 2002

Well, since Matt hasn't deleted the thread yet, I pray to the benevolent God Haughey that we do not have a Grammy thread. We've seen them before; they're annoying as anything; and no one gives a shit. So please God Haughey, for all that is good and Holy, NO GRAMMY THREAD!
posted by BlueTrain at 8:34 PM on February 27, 2002

This is the best thread ever. I hope Matt leaves it up forever.
posted by rodii at 8:53 PM on February 27, 2002

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