Under Bridges, Over Bridges
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It's been a while since we took to the rails together so it's time to buy our tickets and climb aboard for another trip around the world in the drivers cab.

Japan Taiwan Switzerland UK Sweden USA Canada Argentina Peru Greece Bulgaria But it's not all about the open rail - sometimes you need to simply get from A to B on public transport
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But ... sometimes you need to simply get from A to B on public transport

But my commute actually includes 12 miles (normally just 2, but there's a diversion on) on one of the linked routes. Hauled by a class 43 not a class 37, obviously.
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7 hour train ride across Norway

This post would be incomplete without mentioning this. It's amazing.
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The fact that something like this (from the Loop in Chicago) is not only physically possible is still amazing to me.
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Cool - I live at the end of the line on the Trail - Nelson video. I can see the last few hunderd meters and the train yard from my place. Neat to see where it goes when it's not next to the highway. Thanks for sharing.
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That's a first class Half Man Half Biscuit reference, jontyjago
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Thanks for this. Every now and then I look up train cab videos. Or play Train Simulator. There's almost nothing else quite as wonderfully meditative and relaxing.
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Oh my. I just watched the Kisuki - Bingo Ochiai segment (tracking the train's progress with the help of this site) and the part starting at 1:31:00, with the departure from Izumo Sakane station, is pretty scary: enough snow up the switchback that the train had to back up and then ram forward to get through drifts. (And when the train switches direction, and the engineer walks to the other end of the single-car "train," we can clearly see the camera guy is the only passenger still on board. WITH GOOD REASON.)
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