Melæna Stools' patient consultation
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Sydney University has Queen Elizabeth doing some voice over work. It's a single link. It's YouTube. It's a currently used teaching video in Risk Communication.

"The practice nurse will tempt them out with nuts."
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And it's wonderful. Full disclosure: I watched it in a lecture today. I may have accidentally snorted my coffee laughing.
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I don't get the Queen Elizabeth connection. Did they sample her speeches to make the voice? Sounds generated to me.
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I think she's just trying to earn some money on the side.
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I am a bad man who will send this to his doctor.
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I don't get the Queen Elizabeth connection.

Xtranormal Movie Maker includes a large collection of synthesized voices, including the Queen of England. I am sure many people have chosen that voice when they make videos featuring cartoon animals. This SLYT happens to be one of those videos. The source of humor here is an ineffectual doctor, voiced as HRH Elizabeth II, discussing the possibility badgers living in her patients rectum.
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