Could it be that the smog's playing tricks on my eyes?
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Flash may be dying, but that party animal won't slow down! Los Angeles Shark is much more mixed-up memetic Mausland mischief.
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In case the post headline has any other people wondering where they know that phrase from, it's a line from the song "Walking In L.A." by "Missing Persons." Thought I'd save you folks a google search.

I don't have the flash player installed so I couldn't see the content, in case the song is played when viewing.
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I mean, on the one hand the geography was all messed up, but on the other hand there were a lot of helicopters flying overhead, so I guess it's a pretty accurate depiction of Los Angeles.
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These are like the Flash game equivalent of tabloid newspapers.
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This is not unlike one of my favorite iOS games.
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