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This morning Édouard Lock, bad boy of Canadian dance and founder/choreographer of Montréal's celebrated La La La Human Steps, posted an emotional open letter to the company's website, announcing that due to continued financial hardship, the iconic company is no more.

Lock has scheduled a press conference for 3pm EST.

In the meantime, why not gorge yourself on some of the instantly recognizable, frequently provocative, often innovative, and unapologetically populist works that made La La La (and Lock) such towering figures in Canadian dance history and (as an added bonus) helped propel the solo career of Lock's most famous muse (and an astonishing artist in her own right), Louise Lecavalier?
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(With profound apologies for the Jian link)
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Ah, damn. I was just thinking about them this morning while working on a documentary project involving another iconoclastic figure of '80s dance, Ton Simons. Thankful for their decades of inspiring work, though.
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Well, crap. I've seen them once when they came to Vancouver for their Exaucé/Salt tour. Before that it was just the occasional video/special on CBC. I'd hoped to see them again. Perhaps as long as Lock is involved in dance, there might be a chance of a new incarnation? Maybe they can get together with Einesturzende Neubauten or Bowie again - I'd love to see that. Hopefully.
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That is a really nice farewell letter/announcement. Emotional but clear-headed, recognizing the folks who helped the troupe succeed for so long.

I hadn't realized I knew his work until I started clicking through the links. This has made for a delightful (but bittersweet) afternoon as I watch his dancers.
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This is really sad.
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