Step aside, Crusher!
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Step aside, Crusher! Shatner's posting his personal thoughts in "Bill's Space", he's even got a discussion section where he asks fans to "continue this dialogue further". (via some guy named matt)
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(the site's been posted before, but the "blog" is new)
posted by owillis at 2:39 AM on March 6, 2002

He should make every post start with:
'Captain's Blog, Star Date 05032002'
posted by crayfish at 3:19 AM on March 6, 2002

This post would be a good time to ask all you Rescue 911 geeks out there: What was your favorite TJ Hooker moment?
posted by crasspastor at 3:34 AM on March 6, 2002

I'm always getting 'post' and 'thread' mixed up. Maybe it's the hour.
posted by crasspastor at 3:36 AM on March 6, 2002

though it sickened everyone before, I thought I'd mention the hilarity again.
posted by lotsofno at 4:29 AM on March 6, 2002

If there were ever a site needing <emote> tags - this is it.
posted by owillis at 5:07 AM on March 6, 2002

You've got to check out the trailer for "Mind Meld" under the A/V Archive.

Just imagine, a film of Nimoy and Shatner pretending to tell each other stories about their lives for the first time! Watch Nimoy whine about not getting a telephone in his dressing room 20 years ago!

Nimoy: "That made me very...confused!"

Shatner: "And angry?"

Nimoy: "And angry, very angry. And I went into therepy over it."

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So does this count as a Canadian weblog? ~I want to start campaigning for a bloggie for Bill's Space now.~
posted by iceberg273 at 6:42 AM on March 6, 2002

He probably can't even manage to write it himself, instead getting a ghost writer to do it.
posted by chrisg at 6:44 AM on March 6, 2002

I kind of see it like this: the basis of humor in life is the joke that God is playing on us. What I mean is, we are all born with an awareness of death and each day brings us closer to it. That’s the joke that all humanity deals with. So we should go along with that irony and perplexing indecipherable humor. Then you become part of that grand laugh we call life.

Ah, that explains SO much.
posted by rushmc at 6:49 AM on March 6, 2002

unfinished post -
something about 'the big giant head' gushing on the internet.


catching a glimpse inside the bgh (or of the bgh)


just a picture of shatner's big giant head.
posted by asok at 7:54 AM on March 6, 2002

I really can't imagine Shatner overtaking Wil in popularity any time soon. There's just a completely different... feel... to Shatner's site. "Overproduced" would the be word that comes to mind. Wheaton's is just down-home fanboyish and a lot more fun to read. Shatner's entry felt so polished and professional that I can't help it was passed by half a dozen copy editors on its way to the website.
posted by tsumo at 8:54 AM on March 6, 2002

Why didn't he name it "Captain's Bl-"
Aw dang it, crayfish!
posted by brownpau at 9:04 AM on March 6, 2002

crawfish -- thanks for the "coffe-thru-the-nose" moment.

Shatner is gonna steal Wil's thunder only cuz he's hawking that spiffy video ("Mindmeld") on his site. I'm told Wil is taking drastic steps to counteract this ... he's approaching Ashley Judd with the idea of producing "Groinmeld".
posted by RavinDave at 10:01 AM on March 6, 2002

Why read what Shatner says when you can make him say what you want.

posted by piskycritters at 9:29 AM on March 7, 2002

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