More than just parks: tranquil videos of America's National Parks
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More Than Just Parks is "a project started in an effort to effect a greater awareness of the treasures that reside within America's National Parks." So far, there are four short videos: Olympic 4K (info) // Smoky Mountains (info) // Joshua Tree (info) // Redwood (info) // the tumblr blog
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Oh, wow, the Joshua Tree one honestly brought tears. Beautiful. Thank you for posting these.
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Thanks! I know timelapse videos are kind of played out (or overdone), but these made me miss Joshua Tree and the redwoods something fierce.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of these as they're produced in the coming months. I wasn't sure if they'd actually get to all 59 National Parks, so I figured I should just post this now.
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I climbed a mountain in New Hampshire last weekend, and the "Smoky Mountain" video took me right back there -- even though the leaves haven't even changed yet!

Beautiful stuff.
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wenestvedt, the leaves are changing now in GSMNP, especially at higher elevations. I'm actually a little apprehensive about this coming winter; in my ten years living adjacent to the Park this is the first year the leaves started changing in August.
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Nice one of Joshua Tree! Agreed on the time-lapse cliche but still an interesting way to compress a day of shadows and light down to a few seconds. (Also they used that same spiny lizard and desert bighorn in a half-dozen shots, ha!) The LAX traffic is crazy in the time lapse, too. We rarely hear the jet traffic because they're still at 15,000 feet or so, but it's one of the busier flight paths in the country.
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