SPIKE JONES!!! (gunshot, slide whistle)
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Now me and my mate were back at the shack, we had Spike Jones on the box
She said, "I can't take the way he sings, but I love to hear him talk"
Now that just gave my heart a throb, to the bottom of my feet
And I swore as I took another pull, my Bessie can't be beat

--The Band Up on Cripple Creek

Nice post. One of the first things I did when YouTube was in its early days was to look up Spike Jones due to the Band reference. I found a song or two but this will complete my education, thanks.
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Not to be confused with the other Spike Jonze.
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ABSOLUTELY not to be confused.

Of course, there was also the Donald Duck cartoon Disney made, centered around Jones' "Der Fuehrer's Face"
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I grew up listening to Spike and the Slickers thanks to my uncle's original 78's. He was a big fan back in the day, and would jump at the chance to tell you all about when he saw the band live, back in the 40's. It sounded about as crazy as you'd think.
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When I was a kid I used to mix up Spike Jones and Spike Milligan.
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I bet that sounded weird.
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Billy Barty just kills it on That Old Black Magic.
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Needs more Miss Piggy.
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Came in here to reference The Band, was honored to be beaten to the punch by madamjujujive.
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Came in here to post "beetlebaummmmm", easily trounced by delphin.
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Great stuff! When we moved into a house in NJ in 1959 ( I was 11) the previous owner left an old radio with record player and stack of 78s in the basement, including a bunch of Spike Jones. My brother and I played them over and over.
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And here is the mystic connection:
Spike->Doodles->Sigourney->Ghostbusters/Alien->SATAN or something. Or perhaps something else.
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Here's the thing about Spike. He played music that sounded chaotic, loose and somewhat ridiculous, but peek beneath the hood and you realize that such music can only be pulled off with near-perfect choreography and some of the best working musicians in the industry. The only somewhat contemporary analogue I can think of is Zappa.
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"Cocktails for Two" and especially "Laura" never fail to crack me up. (And I speak as someone who likes the straight version of the latter song.)

Listened to Spike Jones in college in the 70s. So when Al Yankovic came along a few years later, I always thought Jones was the guy he could only aspire to be. There is something quite clever underneath all the campiness and fart noises.

Oh, and it must be "Beetlebaum," cos that's a nickname my parents had for me when I was little.
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Wait...Doodles Weaver was Sigourney Weaver's uncle? Whoaaaa...
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Who are the three guys singing the "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down..." song? Was the main singer lip syncing?
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Thanks for posting this. I used to love when Dr. Demento would play anything by Spike Jones, and from that, I bought the Best of Spike Jones cassette when I was a kid -- and I nearly wore the tape out. But I never saw Spike & crew in action until the advent of Youtube. It really gave me a whole new appreciation for the precision he had in corralling that chaos.

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What's truly awesome is that this stuff was performed live. Today you'd build it with layers of overdubbing.

Can't wait to explore this more when i have more time and not on mobile.

The guy who wrote Cocktails for Two HATED what Jones did to his song, BTW. Yet i wonder what he collected in additional royalties from it ...
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I've been listening to his four-CD compilation, "Strictly for Music Lovers", and there's some amazing deep cuts on there. I really enjoyed The Sound Effects Man and I've never liked Old MacDonald before his rendition.
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Spike Jones often conducted his orchestra, not with a baton, but with a revolver.
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Regarding that horse race winner, the spelling is all over the place. Above, it's Feetlebaum or Beetlebaum. My brother and I always thought it was Teitelbaum. Elsewhere, BeetleBomb, and Beitlebaum.

The correct version is apparently Feetblebaum, based on a character in the Doodles Weaver radio show, Dr. Feetlebaum. Weaver was a member of the Spike Jones band from 1946 to 1951 and is the voice of the announcer on the William Tell Overture recording. Weaver sometimes spelled his character's name as Feitlebaum, just to add one more variant to the list.
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I always pronounced it in my childhood mind as "Beetle Bum" and it made me laugh even more.
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