There will also be a Track Managing Droid
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Nick Burcombe, who worked at UK developer Psygnosis on WipEout, gave Eurogamer permission to republish the design document, which includes additional pages intended to support the game's later US launch.

(for maximum effect, please listen to this while reading)
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This is one of the really great console games and it deserves to be playable forever.
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It needs to look like it did in Hackers.
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Wow! I was a big Psygnosis fan back in the Amiga days, and seeing the design doc is something else. History of anti-gravity! That's impressive backstory for a racing game.
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From the pilot biographies: all three of the women with listed ages are 22. The men are 38, 29, 40, and 36.

Personally I liked Wipeout XL better.
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Wipeout XL/2097 was Wipeout perfected. I kind of forget the first game existed, though they pretty much got the visual design right the first time around. XL actually made the game fun to play.

Several years ago, I attended a talk by the principal designer of Google Chrome and he cited Wipeout as a major inspiration in the design of the browser.
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CoLD SToRAGE put out remastered versions of his tracks from the first two games
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Wipeout64 was one of my first videogames. So much fun
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My AIM nick is wipeoutracing. Wipeout intoduced me to Red Bull, which was not available anywhere near where I lived until many, many years later.

I would be the best inertia-dampended, anti-gravity, weapons-activated pilot ever. I even bought a Neg-Con controller JUST to play these games.
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Oh, this is lovely, thankyou :)
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[hey mods, feel free to edit my youtube link or add Z303's link for posterity]
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