Charleston Cantina.
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Charleston to 'Cantina Band' Last night's episode of Strictly Come Dancing, the UK version of Dancing With Stars was a Hollywood special which included this two minutes of joy in which Kellie Bright & Kevin Clifton danced the charleston dressed at Luke and Leia. With lightsabers. Other films included Pulp Fiction, Pretty Woman and Ghost. [alt link for Star Wars dance]
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Every time I think I've stopped laughing at Gleb's 'rampant crab' move in the Ghost-themed American Smooth, I realise I haven't.

(YouTube video doesn't show the judges' commentary but that's what Len called it.)
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The video didn't work ("not available in your country") but this one did.
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They even did it with enough continuity, physics and logic errors that it could actually have been a George Lucas production!
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That was great- but as someone who hasn't watched the show before, wow, what a distracting background for them to dance in front of. I would love to see this danced again front of almost any other backdrop!
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(The video links also don't work for me, in the US- but eye of newt's link worked.)
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Calling shenanigans.

Leia never had a saber. Also, hands burned off.

(Actually, it was pretty cute.)
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Well, if we're being proper about things; 'Dancing With The Stars' is the spin-off of the BBC show for regions where the equivoque 'Strictly Come Dancing' doesn't make any sense.
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that was thoroughly enjoyable! -1 point because Leia hit her saber too hard towards the end and turned the light off.
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Hee hee.
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Not that I mind this sort of thing, but this has got "Star Wars Blue" all over it.
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