Kiesza's Hideaway's Russian Cousin
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Kiesza's Hideaway video is a fantastic single-shot tribute to 1990s dance. (She even broke a rib shooting the video.) But check out what happens when Russian performance duo Bonia and Kuzmich (Mikhail Kuzmin and Julia Starikova) (Боня и Кузьмич) created a tribute video.
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On a similar level of 90s tributeness and awesome, client liason - that's desire.

this is good stuff though.
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The original video gets the 90s dancing almost perfect, but it's strange how it tries to sound like 90s dance music, but somehow doesn't at all. I don't know what's off, but there's something fundamentally wrong about the sound.

That Russian video, though, that's something else.
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Here's the official Vevo link to the Kiesza video. The one I posted is the production company's link on YouTube.
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Here they are doing the Single Ladies dance.
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The Russian tribute video is amazing, I lost it when the man playing the accordion was their backup dancer!
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Yeah, I can't decide if my favorite part of Bonia and Kuzmich was how hard the accordion player fought to stay stoic before cracking up, or everything about Mikhail's dancing!
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*Sees N12 and Kent sign at start of video. Thinks "Blimey, Williamsburg is still cool, then?" Is vaguely pleased even though not one's sort of music at all.*
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Bonia and Kuzmich are absolutely delightful; I couldn't stop smiling. Thanks for the post!
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Yes, of all the Russian single-shot 90's dance-video tributes parodying Russian village life, that's definitely... the most recent.
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Reminds me of Saturday night in Irkutsk. Or Maghera. Either.
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Arg so now there's both Ke$ha and Kiesza???
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oooh that bonnet throw at 2:28 is bad ass
posted by ghostbikes at 12:13 PM on August 18, 2014

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