Woman Defeats Husband
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How the women of Umatilla, Oregon took over the city's government - in 1916.
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This is beautiful. Yay Oregon!
posted by corb at 8:47 AM on October 12, 2015

I love how they waited until late in the day, so none of them men got early word on the ladies' turnout.
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Well that was a lovely way to start my day, thanks for posting!
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I love that they succeeded in their plan and also in their governance. I hate that the newspaper called them "Mrs. Roy" and "Mrs. Robert" and all the rest. I am glad that custom is on the decline, although I still see "Mr. and Mrs. Robert" in some situations. I have probably written it myself in the past, but not for years, and certainly never again.
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A bit of local history I wasn't aware of. Very cool.
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What a cool story! Thanks so much for sharing this.
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