2015 Nikon's Small World Photomicrography Contest Winners
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I expect to see this one as a lace shawl pattern on Ravelry within the week.
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Here's a scrollable page of this year's entries
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Wow. I spend a lot of time these days staring at* a microscope and taking images and nothing I make looks anything remotely like this. And, OK, I have a fairly straight forward microscope, no breaking the diffraction limit for my cells, but still. It's fun to see what's possible when you have the fancy machines and a far better artistic eye than I do.

*well, at the screen next to the microscope where the camera output appears rather than at or down the actual microscope, but anyway.
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Rotifers are just the best things.
posted by humboldt32 at 8:23 AM on October 17, 2015

Are there other sites that provide a larger collection of pictures of our microcosm people can recommend? Like a public scientific collection or some other non-ad based catalog for those of us interested in these things people are seeing?
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These are great. Also, they look like things out of Super Metroid and that is also great.
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The skin of a sea urchin is very, "Yo ho ho, and a bottle'o rum."
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I want to see one of these that reverses the "it's not a monster" caption cliche.

e.g.: This looks like the spore from a common fern, but actually it's a GIANT ALIEN MONSTER WHO WANTS TO EAT YOU OH MY GOD LOOK OUT!
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