Family of Man Part 2
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Family of Man Part 2 Many will remember Edward Steichen's (the first photo curator of the New York Museum of Modern Art besides being one of photography's greats) epic 1955 Family of Man exhibition for the MOMA and the ubiquitous book memorializing it. This is a worthy attempt at keeping that 50's spirit alive. PS all photos taken with Leica cameras, and for any Leica fanatics, take a peek at the just unveiled Leica M7 while you are at it.
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Wow, a real life ad for a camera that doesn't support POP, IMAP or HTTP. I haven't seen that for a long time.
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Nice photos. A quibble: the theme is the 'Family of Man', and there are a couple photos which are pure landscape, and several more in which the connection to humanity is tenuous. If they're not going to enforce their theme, why have one?
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This is great; thanks. I was shocked by the Leica M7, though. I finally bought a brand new M6 three years ago and though it's a truly difficult camera to master - you have to relearn photography - once you're attuned to it it's almost like a pair of spectacles.

The M7 is not a mechanical camera. The M6 is a thing of beauty, all click, click, click; like a fine watch. This new one falls between two stools. Might as well buy one of the Leica SLRs.
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No quibbles. Loved it. Thanks.
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koo pix! i can already see the PS opportunities w/aliens and muppets :)
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oh and the disembodied dog's head was kinda creepy.
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The Family of Man

I belong to a family, the biggest on the earth
Ten thousand every day are coming to birth
Our name isn't Davis, Hall, Groves, or Jones
It's a name every man should be proud he owns

The family of Man keeps growing
The family of Man keeps sowing
The seeds of a new life every day

I've got a sister in Melbourne, a brother in Paris
The whole wide world is dad and mum to me
Wherever you go you'll find my kin
Whatever the creed or the colour of the skin

The miner in the Rhondda, the coolie in Peking
The men across the ocean who plough, reap and spin
They've got a life and others to share it
So let's bridge the oceans and declare

From the North Pole ice to the snow at the other
There is not a man I wouldn't call brother
But there isn't much time, I've had my fill
Of the men of war who intend to kill

Some people say the world's a horrible place
But it's just as good or bad as the human race
Dirt and misery or health and joy
Man can build or can destroy

(as sung by The Spinners)

[from My Songbook]
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On the other hand, though:

All The Fine Young Men
(by Eric Bogle and John Munro)

They told all the fine young men of when this war is over
There will be peace and the peace will last forever
In Flanders Field, at Lone Pine and Bersheeba
For king and country, for honour and duty
The young men fought and cursed and wept and died

They told all the fine young men of when this war is over
In your country's grateful heart we will cherish you forever
At Tobruk and Alamein, at Bhuna and Kokoda
Like their fathers before, in a world mad with war
The young men fought and cursed and wept and died

For many of those fine young men all the wars are over
They have found peace, it's the peace that lasts forever
When the call comes again they will not answer
They're just forgotten bones lying far from their homes
As forgotten as the cause for which they died

Ah young men, can you see now why they lied.

(As sung by Dolores Keane)(Though I prefer Rickie Lee Jones's version).

Thanks for that great link, feelinglistless! You're not entirely amiss of a few lists yourself, are you? :)
posted by MiguelCardoso at 3:05 PM on March 9, 2002

If you're in the market for a lieca buy a contax. They're not as....godly...but they're better.
posted by Settle at 6:39 PM on March 9, 2002

Thanks Voyageman. There's some outstanding images here. A great Sunday morning's browse.
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creepy at first, but then i realized it was just a dog's head stuck in the door.
posted by kliuless at 5:25 PM on March 10, 2002

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