May 3, 2000
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I simply don't know what to say about this site. I'm not one for theosophical discussions, but I thought that maybe somebody here would find this ... "interesting." Yeah, that's the word. Interesting. Here's a small excerpt:

You maybe academically retarded. Academia Retards By Fact Earth Has 1 Day When Dead Still, And 4 Days Within 1 Earth Rotation, losing 3 days retards humanity. Are you stupid and evil? If you are ignorant of natures harmonic time cube creation, then you were taught to be stupid and evil.

Quite an interesting way to try to gain believers, no?
posted by lizardboy (8 comments total)
Dr Bronner Returns! All-Bad!
posted by baylink at 1:52 PM on May 3, 2000

Nah, the Good Doctor has his own site.
posted by harmful at 1:56 PM on May 3, 2000

check out timecube, which was linked from "Adults evolve from their
ungodly image children. Fake god eats Child life. Educators teach cubeless babble, ignoring Highest
Order Creation- a Cube. Fire Religious Teachers
ignorant of Time Cube."i love the link at the bottom, "all clock faces are wrong."oh no! it's 15:00! time for Seinfeld!
posted by bluishorange at 2:01 PM on May 3, 2000

I especially like (also on timecube:
Truth about Santa Claus debunks Santa God. God evolves from Santa.

Educated people are stupid cowards.
posted by daveadams at 2:06 PM on May 3, 2000

"Fake god eats Child life."

The painting on I saw it another time by chance in an oversized book at the library called "ICH BIN DER WEG: Revolutionaere Flug-Schriften 1922-1925" -- there was a poster in it titled "Menschen-Fresser" which was an ink rendering of this painting. The back of the poster said:

Saturn frisst seine kinder
Verbrecher und Gesellschaft
Ingenieure des Massenmordes
Aus den Schlachthaeusern Amerikas
So sieht unsere Zeit aus
Aus der Chronik moderner Menschenfresserei
posted by EngineBeak at 2:40 PM on May 3, 2000

Doing something pretty silly (very very silly, actually), I would actually like to ask the guy why this shows 4 corners, and not six.

But I know that he probably wouldn't answer me. Or if he did, it'd be just like the rest of

I'd just say, "I know. I know. I'm stupid. I'm academically brainwashed. I've been taught stupid-1-corner-way. I'm a failure. I'm not smarter than any God, professor, or walruss, like you. Good enough. Thanks."
posted by jeremy at 4:48 PM on May 3, 2000

It's the law of parsimony, Occam's razor: do not multiply unnecessary entities-- he only needs four of the six corners of the cube because the two excess corners occupy the position of the axes on which earth rotates-- they're immobile. I sort of see what he's getting at, but it's bullshit, like something a six year old would think up. It's got that childish hyper-logicality plus irrationality.

--EngineBeak, amateur timecubologist at large
posted by EngineBeak at 5:43 PM on May 3, 2000

And I've got to say, again, that it would be more amusing if he hadn't brought race into it. A ridiculous move, IMPFHO.
posted by EngineBeak at 6:52 PM on May 3, 2000

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