The mother lode of cinematic food puns
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Over 150 recipes from the early run of TBS' Dinner and a Movie, including "Peter Pancakes with Lost Boys-enberry Syrup" (originally paired with a presentation of Hook), "Two Hot Peppers on the Lamb" (Thelma and Louise), and "Jane S'mores" (Somewhere in Time).
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Thank you for posting! My friends and I used to love watching this back in the day, but we had zero interest in the movie. We only cared about the hosts talking about food puns, and we would mute the movie itself.
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As a lover of movies and cooking and horrible wordplay, this list is A++++.

And the fact that these old recipes are hosted at "" is icing on the Christina Applecake (Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead)
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One of the hosts of this show, Paul Gilmartin, now does the excellent Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast.
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Oh this is good. Why did Dinner and a Movie ever end?
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OK, share your DaaM drinking games.

And someone do a Tumblr making all of these. While drunk. And the movie playing in the background.
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