Holy Ghost People
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Holy Ghost People (1967) Dir. Peter Adair. Sound. Steve Reich "Ground-breaking example of "cinema verite" filmmaking at its best! This documentary explores the individual experiences of Pentacostal Christians. Film culminates with ceremonial handling of poisonous snakes. Ironically, it is the preacher that gets bitten."
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I saw this in a college anthropology class, I believe. I don't see the irony in the bitten preacher.
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The title of this post (and the film) reminds me of this old bluegrass standard.
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also saw in college
that was a good class, "Anthropology of Religion"
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I think that's where I saw this, too. Anthropology of Religion, UC Santa Cruz, something like a million years ago. Great class though.
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That was it! Old Stu Schlegel's Anthro of Religion class.

Uh oh, UhOhChongo!
(I also loved the Banana Splits)
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Spring 1987, Thimann Hall. Maybe we were in class together?
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Maybe I'm being small-minded but something tells me that if you die from a snakebite in worship of your God and must appear before this being for judgment, God might just tell you are too stupid for heaven and too innocent for hell.
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