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Once again, NPR has organized their list of the year's best books into the Book Concierge, a recommendation engine with 29 categories - everything from It's All Geek to Me to The Dark Side to Eye-Opening Reads - available to mix, match, and sort.
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They've been doing something similar with book recommendations the past few years. I always look forward to this, there are inevitably a few books that I miss and fly under the radar. That is why I love end of year book recommendations.
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Huh, I seem to be drifting out into space in a way. There is maybe one book on here I would like to read, Oliver Sacks's memoir, and it doesn't feel urgent at all.

Maybe good for gift research! But a difficult empathic puzzle for me right now.
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yay! Poorly Drawn Lines and Thing Explainer!
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I'd like a service where you pay a guy $10 bucks and he ships you a random Dover book so I randomly learn about advanced math and/or Richard Nixon paper dolls. When will NPR bring me that?
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(My friend is an editor at NPR Books and I'm feeling ridiculously proud right now)
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This is how I have drafted my Christmas list the last few years. Last year my aunt said that the guy at the bookstore nodded approvingly and said I had excellent taste. Thanks NPR!
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Oh, good, it does include some of the books I found the most powerful over the last year. Including H is for Hawk, which is one of the most beautifully-written books I've ever read. Also devastating in its examination of grief and wildness.
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This is just what I've been looking for, thanks so much.
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I started to look for recommendations, and then realized that the category menu on the left wasn't made of real HTML links, but was JavaScript links. My usual technique is to middle-click links that I like -- I was trying to open the art link in another tab, then history, then some others, so that I could go down the lists on each page and be sure I saw each title. I'm not just playing a clicky game, I want to be able to quickly examine each list for titles I haven't heard of. I do appreciate the feature -- but I got frustrated and closed the whole thing. I'll probably try it again later.
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Whoa, H is for Hawk sounds incredible. Thanks for recommending, suelac.
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My favorite thing about end-of-the-year book lists is the suggestions in these comments -- I always discover a new book that I've somehow missed, and I'm rarely disappointed!
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