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This is great. Against the urging of the wife I have kept hundreds of ancient computer magazines. I love reading about the blazing speed of the new 386 CPUs and how they just blow away the 286. And for only $4999.99!
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Oh god. There's an ad for DVD-RAM camcorders in there. Wow.
posted by schmod at 8:04 AM on January 3, 2016

There are a whole bunch of these on the Internet Archive, if you really feel you need to download 'em. Saves keeping all of those old mags as roach food around the house.
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I really need to clean out my magazine collection.
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The Maximum PC website has hosted an archive for a few years now , but it seems to be a year out of date right now.
posted by Harpocrates at 8:29 AM on January 3, 2016

MP3s - can they land you a night in the joint?

I'm not altogether clear about whether this is a fearful prospect of some kind or an aspiration.
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It's PC gone mad!!!
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I'm convinced. Where can I get a GeForce 4 card?
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I'm convinced. Where can I get a GeForce 4 card?

The Bush Administration.
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My goodness, 2007's $1500 PC is almost identical to the computer I ran all the way up until the Witcher 2 forced me to switch out an 8800GT for a GTX560. I even had the Antec case!

I had an E7200, a little monster of a chip which managed 3.8ghz (up from a stock 2.5) for years without fuss.
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I was just given a box of 1976-1980 Byte magazines. They are a wonder to behold in so many ways. I enjoy the tech cycle of Wow -> Boring -> Funny -> Wow. Those 1970's machines and magazine articles are fully into the up-swing wow for me.
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I have every issue of this magazine, along with every issue of its predecessor "boot", along with every floppy and cd that accompanied them. Yes, I am a trifle overweight and nearsighted, why do you ask?
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