Funny people who died last year
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The Comic's Comic posts a list, with links, including alas Taylor Negron and Anne Meara.
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Ah, George Coe, the SNL cast member no one ever remembers.
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I still haven't read or listened to any Harris Wittles stories. I have avoidant tendencies and his death hit me particularly hard. I heard Aziz Ansari just wrote a nice tribute in the NYT but I just can't. Eventually it's going to be Rickles and Newhart and Brooks and Reiner and oh my god then what.

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Still mourning Gary Owens, who in his 20+ career as a funny disc jockey among the many other wonderful things he did with his golden voice, became the most famous person who bought jokes from me (and the most famous person who knew who I was when we met).
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I still haven't read or listened to any Harris Wittels stories.

That one hit me particularly hard, for reasons I still can't put my finger on. I'd pretty much settled everything mentally, but was absentmindedly listening to the Comedy Bang! Bang! "Best Of" countdown today and Harris' final appearance was in the #2 spot. The host (Scott Aukerman) and co-host (Paul F. Tompkins) were great, but it still gutted me for a few minutes.
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Ah, Phil Austin. Firesign Theatre continues to bring me so much joy, even if nearly nobody else I know has any idea how to deal with them. RIP.
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Yeah, right with ya on all counts, hippybear; you said it right.

Also, let's hear it for Jack Rollins! (Alan Zweibel: "Great manager, lover of talent, supreme mensch.")
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