Maribou State: "We don’t set out to make celestial, sublime music"
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The duo of Maribou State have come a long way from impressing Fatboy Slim with their remix of Praise You that landed them on his label. Last year, they dropped their debut album, Portraits (YT playlist, Bandcamp), "occupying a space somewhere between ambient electronic and a more house-nodding, four on the floor sensibility," and they had the honor of getting the first Essential Mix for 2016 (Mixcloud; Soundcloud). “We don’t set out to make celestial, sublime music. We aim for something more uptempo and less atmospheric. But that’s the way it comes out.

You can dig through their past on Soundcloud, where you can stream their Habitat EP from 2011 when they were "a youthful trio" comprising of Liam Ivory, Chris Davids and Josh Donald, and their expanded EP, Beginnings when they had dropped Donald to become the duo they are today, and browse through their own account, where they have single tracks, remixes and mix sets.
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One of my favorite tracks from last year.: Axel Boman's remix of Maribou State's "The Clown"

Great post as usual, FLT!
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I love their version of praise you
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Portraits is very reminiscent of Burial, though less sombre, and I can put it in the background much more easily. I hardly ever end up listening to Burial, because I generally can't do anything else when I do.
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New bonus tracks: Portraits outtakes (YT playlist) - three more songs that didn't make the cut for the album. So good!

(Also, I'm a bit sad no one commented on the [dumb] [joke] reference to Praise You's lyrics in the post - "come a long way baby" ... and the joke is now pronounced dead.)
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