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Paul Falstad's stable of science and engineering visualizations has been MeFi-celebrated as recently as 2005 and 2006. Sadly, with Java applets on death's door, they're largely inaccessible today. What remains? A lovingly HTML-Fived and expanded electronic circuit simulator, a gleaming key to understanding hundreds of different circuits and components.

Works passably on mobile devices with large screens. Full browser window link.
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(Modernization appears to be due to this seller of audio synthesizer kits. I have no affiliation whatsoever, but mention it in the comments since it seems worth crediting.)
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nice title
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Nice post. I wish this had existed when I was learning about electronics in the 90s.
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I had no idea this existed, and it's lovely that someone took the time to port it. Thanks for sharing!
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I used the old Java one a ton in college, so glad its going to live for a while longer.
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Am I being dumb or is this JavaScript, not HTML5?
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If you want to consider HTML5 as a 'platform', that includes Javascript. More specifically, it certainly uses Javascript to drive the rendering of the HTML5 <canvas> element.
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Am I being dumb or is this JavaScript, not HTML5?

All the heavy lifting is done with JavaScript, but it uses the HTML5 canvas element to render the graphics.
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This is amazing -- and yet with such a great tool, I STILL can't wrap my head around transistors. I really don't know why this has been a major hangup for me, but it has - I've attempted to learn much in the world of electronics, but I just sort of accept transistors as magic at some points. This drives me crazy to no end, and I'm now positive that this is what I'll be trying to understand all day.
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I feel like if I had you in a room I could explain transistors to you in an hour or less. It is a confusing topic, but once you make the specific breakthrough I think it's pretty simple.
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