The Tuneless Choir of Nottingham
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"Not everyone who wants to sing can. This is the choir for those who can't." If the BBC link inspires you, you can start your own Tuneless Choir wherever you are. Or you can just follow along with the fun on their Facebook Page. (Here's their version of Living on a Prayer.) The Nottingham Post reports the initiative has been a great success so far.
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I have to say, they sounded better than I was anticipating. This looks like fun!
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See also: shape note singing.
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I was expecting RTO/Portsmouth Sinfonia level of awful, but this is people just singing together. Loosely, but with gusto. At least they are having fun.
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Seeing amateur singers enjoying themselves makes me happy. Thanks for this, frumiousb.

This video, a three-choir rendition of Elbow's "One Day Like This," is wonderful. The song is built for people to sing, and the joy on these faces is powerful and moving. And they are quite good!

Oh, please, can this be the place where we link to awesome videos of amateur choirs doing pop songs that make them smile?
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Tuneless Choir sings Wham!
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This reminds me a little of Bill Drummond's the17, though by definition, there are no recordings of the17. This is how music has mostly been made throughout history.
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I love the concept but it's not really like choir singing, with different parts, is it? More like group karaoke?
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Love it.

If you get enough people together they’re going to sound OK. Some sharp, some flat, some entirely off the map, but it will probably average enough to work out. 60+ of those people singing together sounds good, 3 of them…
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OMG, this is the best idea ever. I had the most fun by far with the musical groups in which there either wasn't necessarily a high degree of skill or there was a core of more skilled musicians who were very tolerant of the less-skilled of us and could break out into their own little ensemble for that sort of playing. When I sang in a cathedral choir, the most aggravating people weren't the ones who sang out of tune, they were the ones who SANG EVERYTHING AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS because they were PRAISING THE LORD and HOW DARE YOU SUGGEST THAT THEY TURN IT DOWN FROM ELEVEN and WELL, IF YOU'RE GOING TO BE LIKE THAT, SISTER*, THEN I'LL JUST TAKE MY TENOR ELSEWHERE. They weren't really missed.

*A nun who ran the music ministry and had very little time for would-be choir superstars.
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Tuneless Choir sings Wham!

This makes me so happy. I love that it's a wide representation of ages, and I especially love the older lady with the fur hat and the walker singing Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.
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