Never, ever photograph anything you feel lukewarm about.
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Lisette Model took up photography in 1933 after studying painting as a student of Andre Lhote.
Her first teacher was the now little remembered Rogi Andre briefly married to André Kertész (previously) and perhaps best now known for her pictures of Jacqueline Lamba (later Jacqueline Breton) naked and underwater. It was Rogi Andre who told her Never, ever photograph anything you feel lukewarm about, only what you are passionately interested in.
In 1938 Lisette moved to Manhattan and there became a photographer of New York.
More on Lisette Model via the wonderful masters of photography blog.
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Love her. There's a beautifully done 15.2 x 12.2 inch hardcover book of Model's photographs still in print. I used it as decor for years because it wouldn't fit on any of my bookshelves.
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I'm getting 404 on the first link. Mobile issue?
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