Les bruits de Paris au XVIIIème
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Musicologist Mylène Pardoen has researched and recreated the ambient 18th-century sounds of Le Grand Châtelet quarter in Paris. Historians used artwork, surviving machinery and tools to record and bring together 70 different soundscapes, including a recreation of the Notre Dame water pump using an 18th-century water mill whose sound was adapted for the size of the Notre Dame pump. The pump in question brought up water from the Seine for Parisian consumption.

While the walkthrough video is a double, the depth of the research and historical accuracy of the soundscapes in particular merit a revisit.

- The famously-detailed Turgot-Bretez map of Paris was used for 3D reconstitutions. Louis Bretez was member of the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture and professor of perspective, and was allowed to enter buildings throughout the city to take measurements and draft drawings.

In the order visited/viewed:
- Le Grand Châtelet was an infamous prison house, surrounded by slaughterhouses.
- Le Pont au Change housed goldsmiths and money-changers, the source of its name.
- Le Pont Notre Dame is the site of the first bridge ever built in Paris. The reconstruction shows houses that were later demolished near the end of the 18th century for sanitary and structural reasons.
- Le Quai de Gesvres was a port.
- Rue de la Pelleterie took its name from the pelletiers, fur processers and leathermakers, plying their trade along its length. It no longer exists.
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This is good.
posted by dazed_one at 10:31 AM on April 22, 2016

That's such a cool project.

I'm reminded of The Perfume with it's extensively detailed descriptions of the smells of 18th century Paris. I'm happy to have a sonic recreation instead.
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This is amazing. Thank you so much fraula.
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What a fantastic FPP about one of my favourite cities! Thank you, fraula!
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Extremely cool. Thank you!
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When I saw the slaughterhouses I was thankful for the lack of smells as well. And the descriptions from The Perfume just confirmed it for me.

But very cool video and project!
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Perfume is all right for a contemporary novel on the subject, but IMO the Filthy Cities: Revolutionary Paris documentary is WAY better.
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