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Acousmata is a unique music blog devoted to "idiosyncratic research in electronic and experimental music, sound and acoustics, mysticism and technology" with special focus on the early history of electronic music.
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Wow. Excellent find. I will be reading and listening to every single post on that blog.
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Hard to pick highlights because every post is eye-opening in some way, but here are just a few of my favorites:

Bernard Szajner, inventor of the laser harp, who sounds like an asthmatic Lou Reed in a room full of computers;
A realization of Kepler's "music of the spheres";
La joueuse de tympanon, a dulcimer-playing automaton from the 18th century;
The theme from Arkanoid.
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Love the crazy-looking scores.
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Oh, wow, the dulcimer automaton includes a quote from E.T.A. Hoffman, who wrote The Sandman.. in which an dulcimer-playing automaton features large.

I had no idea his automaton had a real-life basis. Wow.
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Great post! Thanks!
posted by BogusPomp at 10:57 AM on July 30, 2010

Productivity *shatner pause* dropping...

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What's will all the excellent nerd music posts lately? Not that I'm complaining.

Great fucking find.
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A very much appreciated post.
This is a keeper, thanks
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Thank you speicus, this is amazing.
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Thanks, this pretty much made my day.

I think anyone who's spent enough time reading about 20th c. art music has probably seen that photo of Cage and Stockhausen more times than they can count.
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Because of posts like this, I love Metafilter. Thanks speicus.
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Sweet! I came across this blog a while ago and then my computer crashed and I could never remember the name for it or think of the right google search terms... you've completely made my day!
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A great blog. A great post. Thanks for this.
posted by davebush at 8:51 AM on July 31, 2010

Huh, the blogger behind this is a friend of mine! He's a very cool dude. Send him internet love!
posted by nonreflectiveobject at 4:52 PM on July 31, 2010

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