Embroidery on Youtube
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Embroider a Guanyin with the hair of the descendant of Rinpoches. Embroider with hooks and gold in India. Embroider with the techniques of European (late) renaissance and modern embroidery. Embroider (...eventually) a kimono. Embroider with horsetail. Embroider with designer Yohji Yamamoto. Embroider like a Ukrainian.
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Well there goes my afternoon productivity! Thanks!
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Oh, this is wonderful.

The horsetail link led me to all sorts of good stuff (I'm going to look up more about Colcha embroidery (Northern New Mexico) later), but the video of one family's tradition of Hmong embroidery (note: subtitles) was part of a larger project in Laos where young women document their culture, and particularly their mother's abilities. I've gotten lost in women making batik and paper lanterns and weaving and child care...
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I feel like a five year old with my cross stitch after watching the European renaissance one.
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I like the Ari one - you make a loop, attach it to the next loop, attach to another loop, and another loop, and then you SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER
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The way the properties of the thread materials are exploited for different stitches is SO COOL. The moss stitch in the European Renaissance piece was ingenious.
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