Dude, those pants are loud!
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"Sonic fabric (woven from 50% cotton and 50% audio cassette tape) emits sound when you run a tape head over it. Because the tape retains its magnetic quality through the weaving process, it acts as a big wide band of tape." Here's an interview with the creator. {via Apartment Therapy}
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the sound one hears is very much like scratching a record backwards, but more garbled

yeah? so what?
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Nevermind the snark. This is pretty cool stuff.
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Oh man, this is gonna be all over sound art/electronic music festivals like Ars Electronica and Sonar. Everybody leave your laptops at home! Just show up with a tape head and a shirt made outta this stuff! Wheeee!
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Excuse me if I'm a bad searcher, but I can't find an audio sample or video anywhere. Has anyone found either of those?
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Hmmm... This is pretty interesting, but only if the music is actually good. It seems quite a cumbersome task to actually make the clothes, but still, it's a pretty cool idea.
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F.A.Q. -- Washable?
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Does Laurie Anderson know about this?
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This thread is useless without sound files.
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Send her $5 via paypal and you get your sample via cassette. If they're actually trying to generate interest in this, it seems pretty stupid not to put sound files on the site.
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Interesting.... I have my doubts RFID signals will go through this stuff. I wonder about cell phones, too. Since it seems that tinfoil helmets actually tend to increase the amount of electromagnetic radiation reaching the brain, a stocking cap of this material is probably what we all should replace them with.
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That is hilarious. I love the Thangkas.
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Audio files are not included because the sound is prolly anticlimactic.
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Perhaps this seems like splitting hairs, but this isn't actually sonic clothing unless it makes noise on it's own. Rather, this is magnetically embedded clothing. I mean, if running a microphone over my zipper makes noise, do I have a sonic fly? When I first read the headline, I thought of thousands of tiny speakers--THAT is sonic clothing, and seems cool. Clothing made out of a recycled plastic is, well, mass-produced every day. And the fact that the plastic has some completely disordered magnetic particles on it doesn't change much by way of interest for me.
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Ok, so a trip to the local Salvation Army will yield an old cassette player (the top-loader kind) for five bucks and then a swing by Radio Shack, and it is very feasible to have fashion that is audible......

Very cool.

Who needs radio?
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I don't know, squirrel. I really do think a stiff sheet of "sonic fabric" would probably rustle or boom, or both, if you hit it with an intense EM pulse of the right range of frequencies.
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I was thinking this was going to be an advance in corduroy technology.
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"Hi cutie, can I rub my heads on your fabric?"
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Nice idea - would be better if you could send in tapes to be recycled, rather than having a shirt made of this person's '...high-school punk band, Jack Kerouac, ocean surf, shamanic medicine songs recorded in the Peruvian jungle, ambient city street noise, the improvisational/experimental ensembles of myself and my friends, the Beatles'. Not that the source would have much impact on the fabric sounds, I suppose.

Does Laurie Anderson know about this?

Or Nam June Paik?

Or, for that matter, Reed Ghazala?
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My first response was 'lame' but I suppose it beats this for fashion... probably comparably unbearable for sound.
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Its an intersting idea but what kind of interest can they hope to generate without some audio samples to listen to?

Its like a photography site where you have to buy the prints without seeing them first. Recipe for failure.

But that Mu-mu is hawt!
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If the interview isn't recorded on the pants, I'm not interested.
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This thread is useless without sound files.

This sound file is useless without threads.
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Wouldn't it make more sense to try to embed synchonous tones, instead of a mismatch of the artist's fav stuff? Maybe (probably) it'd come out as gobbedy gook either way, and instead it's the symbolism that matters. But ya'd think a really motivated artist would have some more experimenting to do before going all capitalist on their idea like this.
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the girl is rad! here's another interview i did with her in january 06.
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Paik Namjun did this 25 years ago
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Okay, jenovus wins.
posted by squirrel at 7:57 PM on October 29, 2006

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