Wir leben in der Krise
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Via the Princeton Blue Mountain project, 336 issues of Der Sturm (german, but with art)
Der Sturm, originally published weekly, covered the visual arts, and also included fiction, poetry, cultural criticism, and political essays. The magazine became well known for the inclusion of woodcuts and linocuts, including works by Marc Chagall,Vasily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Oscar Kokoschka, Franz Marc, László Moholy-Nagy, and others.
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Wonderful stuff! Thanks, frimble. I'll be checking out the art in due course, but for now I’m altogether fascinated by the ads in the back pages (& wishing I could read German)…
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(german, but with art) is my new favorite parenthetical statement.
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Der Sturm has come up in several things I've read lately, thanks for posting this!
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Ist das Kunst, oder kann das weg?
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Sorry, I thought this was a posting of 336 issues of Der Stürmer, and I was a little surprised it hadn't been pulled by the mods.
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WOW! I doubt I could read a tithe of that, but I'll be perfectly content to just sit and look at the pictures there. You've posted a real treasure trove here, thanks!
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