Storks in the Netherlands
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The Stork is a bird that is closely linked to the Netherlands and the traditional Dutch landscape. But it very nearly died out in the Netherlands in the first half of the twentieth century. Many volunteers and the Dutch bird protection society Vogelbescherming Nederland have worked hard for the last forty years to get the stork to come back to the Netherlands to breed. At present, things seem to be going well. The number of breeding pairs has increased, more young birds survive, and the breeding areas are expanding.

Live stork nest webcam. Best viewed during (Dutch) daylight hours.

Another stork nest webcam, and some nice pictures.

Why the Stork loves Holland [sic]. From Dutch Fairy Tales for Young Folks, 1918

The stork is the symbol of the city The Hague. Hence: Stork Hunting in the Hague. And Museum Petershuis in Gennep has a nice exhibition planned on Storks in Art.
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The European White Stork is doing very well overall, just not in the Netherlands. I've always been jealous of them, they are so much better looking than our American Wood Stork, an imposing bird, but rather ugly.
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Your robins are more impressive, though.

I do love storks. In fact I posted this because I just saw a bunch of them striding over a wheat field that had just been mowed. Lots of mice, I reckon.
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Tony Stork
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On a vaguely related note, I learned the other day that the stork was the elegant mascot/hood ornament used between the wars by the luxury car & aero-engine manufacturer Hispano-Suiza: ‘the symbol of the French province of Alsace, taken from the squadron emblem painted on the side of a Hispano-Suiza powered fighter aircraft that had been flown by the World War I French ace Georges Guynemer.’
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I wonder how their babies get delivered...
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When I was young and growing up in Michigan you hardly ever saw a bald eagle and if you did it was real news. By the time I moved away from the state (ironically winding up in a place where you can hardly look out the window without one being *somewhere* in your field of view) they were a regular (though far from everyday) sight.

I remember how thrilling and encouraging that was, in its own right but also very much as a powerful emotional symbol demonstrating that ecological protection measures aren't futile.

I wish the Dutch the same success and pray that it inspires them to hope and work for further rehabilitation of the habitat that supports their ecology.
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One of my favorite fairy tales had a gorgeous illustration of a white stork.

I've always been jealous of them, they are so much better looking than our American Wood Stork, an imposing bird, but rather ugly.

The Wood Stork may not be very impressive, but it's pretty neat to watch.

I'll see the White Stork and raise you a GBH.

They hang out by the river, and boy howdy, they are impressive birds.
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Fieseler Fi was the airplane flown by The Desert Fox.
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Awww! I live in The Hague and I like spotting our little storks everywhere. (Just like I like the Chicago Y everywhere, back home.) One of my favorites is this building in the center that was just renovated last year sometime, with the elegant little storks all around it.
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I spotted one from the train when heading to Den Bosch and was very excited. My wife was totally jealous as she was looking out the wrong window.
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OMG, this thread has resurrected the memory of a book I loved as a child: The Wheel on the School.
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