Gay Life in Kandahar, Afghanistan.
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Gay Life in Kandahar, Afghanistan. This is an interesting article in the LA Times about a phenomenon that I noticed 20 years ago when I had a bunch of Iranian teenage boys in a school I worked in for awhile. It seems that every society has its constraints, and ways of getting around these constraints.
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The Times did a similar story on pedarasty in Kandahar sometime back. The mefi thread on that is available here.
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"I like boys, but I like girls better," he says. "It's just that we can't see the women to see if they are beautiful. But we can see the boys, and so we can tell which of them is beautiful."

Oh to be gay in Kanhahar. These people are in a world of hurt.
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Justlooking. . .point taken. . .I should have been more thorough in checking the site before posting.

This job of supervising the group of Iranian boys was quite an experience. . .the dominant older one seemed to have the privilege of kissing any of the younger ones he wanted to, at any time. They were discreet but not overly so. I can imagine that behind closed doors, they were a bit less discreet, but I'll never know for sure.
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As the joke goes, when in Afghanistan, even a bird uses one wing to fly.. lolol.
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