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Cool post.

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I know this isn't the only thing to care about but this detail from the Snap Judgement podcast, reiterated in the VMP blog about it really stood out to me:

The founder of Wells Fargo, Ebba Chitambo, got hooked on music by listening to his family’s wind-up gramophone. They had a stack of 78 rpm records, mostly vocal groups and traditional music. Ebba loved it all. Then his father brought home “I Got a Woman” by Elvis Presley. “It took all the other music out of me,” he explained, sounding a little awestruck. Five decades had elapsed, but he was still amazed by the power that single song.

This man grew up listening to a damn gramophone, created music that helped fuel a total overthrow in an apartheid system, lived through god knows what else in the 80s and 90s, and now he's getting interviewed by a hipster who is rereleasing his music on the internet to the entire world all at once. I sincerely doubt the only thing he's awestruck about is how good Elvis can sing.
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I can't believe I scooped Filthy Light Thief on Rhodesian Rock!
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Oh crap, Now Again Records is all on emusic, so I know what I'll be buying for a while. Now Again the Amanaz record now too, which I already had.
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Huh, I didn't realize I actually have a few of the things from them. Cool label.
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This appeals to my interests; thanks PA (and FLT)!

In light of what I seem to recall as multiple 'previously's over the years, I'm now inspired to dig around in the backlogs for a global rock and roll mega-trove.
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