Utah Judge Rules Medical Pot is In
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Utah Judge Rules Medical Pot is In via the Utahns for Compassionate Use. "During a preliminary hearing for three patients in Cedar City on Wednesday March 27, 2002 Judge Braithwaite bound patients over for trial and ruled that their medical marijuana arguments do count in a Utah Courtroom even though Utah has different laws than California." My question, of course, is: do you really spell it "Utahns?"
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been very busy this morning trying to find a recipe that incorporates Cannabis and Jello. . .
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Ain't gonna fly. The feds will shut it down, yet again, because keeping pot illegal keeps several Big Businesses very happy:
  • prison corporations need middle-class prisoners: they provide a better profit-cost ratio than murderers &c.
  • drug companies can't afford to allow a drug that anyone can grow: there's just no profit in it at all! Further, increased use of pot would mean decreased use of prescription meds.
  • some police forces rely on property impoundment as an income source, and legalizing pot would really cut into their profits.
  • the DEA is never, ever going to allow it, because doing so would cost jobs and funding.

    All in all, in a country with a government that's bought and sold by big business, it's pretty clear that the legalization of marijuana is gonna be a loooong uphill battle.

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