Wings Of A Dove
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(contains possibly unrealistic air travel scenes, and a stuffed vulture) Wings Of A Dove, by the group Madness, was a hit single (lyrics) in 1983 in the UK and Ireland. The group, known for their fun and low-budget (dog runs across stage at 2:56) videos, used footage from a French TV van ad. Carl Smyth allegedly had the idea for "Wings of a Dove" while watching the Inspirational Choir of the Pentecostal First Born Church of the Living God on late night television. Smyth claimed, in later album notes, that "a voice spoke to me and said 'Boy, write a song for these good people.'" posted by Wordshore (13 comments total) 21 users marked this as a favorite
Nutty train WHO'S WITH ME
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Now I'm cross because most of the links from fearful symmetry's 2008 post are broken.
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Every time I hear a Madness song that I haven't heard before, it makes me smile.

Thanks, Wordshore!
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A few more of the older Madness videos, most from the same YouTube list.

- Baggy Trousers
- Cardiac Arrest
- Embarrassment and live and the story behind the lyrics
- House Of Fun
- It Must Be Love
- One Step Beyond (favorite saxophone and a classic video)
- Our House and an alternative
- The Return Of The Los Palmas 7
- Tomorrow's Just Another Day
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Related: Labi Siffre's It Must Be Love
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Oh, man, I've never even heard of Labi Siffre before, and that tune is great. What a day!!!
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So many great memories in this post. Thanks Wordshore! Oi wenestvedt, watch me!
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I am pretty sure that Labi Siffre is the sound that my 12-year old son should be making with his guitar. I plan to show it to him tonight. New favorite for me. :7)
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This song has a special place in my heart. Along with The Sun And The Rain I listened to it frequently as a pick-me-up during a kind of tough and depressed period of time a bunch of years ago. I still come back to both of them regularly, both when I'm sad and when I'm in the mood to celebrate a little.

And who but Madness would combine steel drums, brass, and a hallelujah chorus in a pop song?
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Hey, Labi Siffre is in the Madness video. Never noticed.
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That's fantastic. As a Brit of a certain age, this is the sound of my youth. Madness were an absolute singles machine as I headed into my teenage years. Between the first - The Prince - in September 1979, and the arguable end of their peak - One Better Day - in June 1984, their singles ran up 206 weeks on the chart (by my count). Thanks for a great set of nostalgia-inducing links.
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Embarrassment is my favourite Madness song, a great song about a dark theme. I guess it's Madness only political song.
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Man looks into room, where Suggs is saying "The next album is going to be high concept orchestral grimecore about the existential angst of rural poverty.", and asks his friend "What's that about?". "Oh, don't go in there," says his friend. "That way Madness lies."
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