Napster did it-
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Napster did it- blocked more than 317,000 names used by its subscribers, which have been identified by the hard rock band, Metallica, as allegedly infringing on the copyrights of the group's music.
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I'd love to know the average time it took each of those users to create a new account.
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Metallica seems pretty clueless. If we keep it quiet, maybe they'll think they actually accomplished something, and go back to their head-banging.
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Napster CEO Eileen Richardson says "There are systems in place to keep them from coming back," referring to those bumped users. I guess we'll have to wait and see if she's right.
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Register factoid no.666
Our thanks to Register reader Dave Martin who spotted the following: in the liner notes for one of Metallica's Garage Inc. album, lead singer James Hetfield explains that when he first met Lars Ulrich he would "stay over at his house for days making tapes of his records and sleeping on the carpet".

To misquote those great Brit rockers, Spinal Tap: How much blacker can this pot be from this kettle? None more black...

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And again, I have to ask, why use napster anyways? On Gnutella, no one can hear Lars scream. Of course we still need to improve the model so that reception of a file is anonymous...
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I think that the removal of the 317,000 users was very effective. When I search for Metallica now I get no hits on Napster...
...and by "no hits" I of course mean over 100...
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Hee hee. Yeah, block every major ISP's dynamically allocated dial-up IP addresses. That'll work...

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The other question is, how does Metallica know its music is being downloaded? From the titles of downloaded tracks? So all the Metallica fans need to do is come up with a good alias...
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Convention would seem to suggest replacing 'Metallica' with 'LarsSucks', no?
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