The story of Sam and Penguin Bloom
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Penguin was there for Sam in a way that no one else could be.

Right on! There's no way to duplicate the human-animal bond. What an awesome mystery. I'm typing this at my office desk at the end of the day with a sweet cuddly kitty in my lap. Go figure.
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It's so dusty in here ...

I have a chronic illness. The animals sharing my life have absolutely made an incredible positive difference in my quality of life.

Other than the one cat who thinks I need to be awake at 3 AM, that is.
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Lots of feels.
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Lovely, thank you TD
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Having just read Corvus: A Life with Birds (by Esther Woolfson), I must say that this story warms my heart in a way the book just did not. If possible, rescued wild birds should be encouraged to be wild. If they want to come back, they will. These folks did it right. Beautiful story and Penguin is such a beautiful bird!
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Corvids are my favorite animal, I'm endlessly jealous of the stories of people who manage to befriend crows and magpies. They're just so smart, y'all. It's one thing reading about all the things they're capable of, but I've seen crows play. I've seen them have fun, enjoy each other's company. It's amazing. (I've also seen one hold a grudge against my mother because she wouldn't let him enter the corner store she worked at).
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Birds are so very special. And Penguin sounds like an exemplary example. Corvids and psittacines both, you can tell there's a natural intelligence in there and capacity for bonding. Thanks for posting this.
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Oh, that's lovely. And I'm so glad that Penguin is living a full magpie life and that her family still hears about her.
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