Hailstorm now more, kinda.
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Hailstorm now more, kinda. Microsoft has cancelled/heavily reconsidered the Hailstorm part of their .Net initiative, blaming the fact that businesses were never interested in seeing if consumers wanted to use it or not.
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More coverage here.
It was only last week that I was reading somewhere that it is stupid to market everything under the .net umbrella when if one element fails the negative connotations would rub off on the entire family of product. Of course there are benefits to. But when you the kind of security concerns that IIS has ...
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Still more coverage here (standard NYT registration required disclaimers apply), and more discussion here.

I find it hard to believe Microsoft is giving up on Hailstorm. The centralization of and ubiquitous access to personal data that Hailstorm represented will occur some day. I just can't believe Microsoft isn't doing everything they can to make sure these transactions go through them. Microsoft scares the bejeezus out of me that way.
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Re:my previous post:
"When you are the..." = "When you have the..."
'Liberty Alliance' took some steam out of mynet initiative.

Now MS is apparently making approving noise about it. I quite admire MS in a lot of areas. But 1. Without banking, financial institutional support 2. Better security - that particular initiative won't get anywhere.
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This story is getting blown out of proportion. What you have is simply Microsoft responding to the entirely reasonable desire of customers to control their own data. To be honest I am surprised anybody ever thought Microsoft would be able to play the role of datakeeper anyway.
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